Wildensteiner Gebiet

I regret judging the Wildensteiner Gebiet only by its number of towers and not visiting it earlier. True, with its 42 peaks (and several only interesting for “collectors”) it dwarves in comparison with Rathen or Schmilka … until you see first hand the size of the Wildensteiner towers! These are no thin spires, but colossal structures often clustered in tight groups easily mistaken for Massive walls.

These rock groups or sub-areas have several towers all within walking distance and come in all flavors. Thus, it is hard to describe the “average peak”. On the other hand, this is excellent news for those looking for variety within a single area. Fast-drying, long wide cracks on compact rock? Head to the Zykloppenmauer. Short family friendly well-protected routes? Lorenzstein is your best bet (unfortunately, the rock here is much softer and brittle). Scenic arêtes and slabs? You’ll thrive in Teichstein.

Although the trip from the city is long, the hike from the nearest parking place or bus stop is always around 30 minutes. On the other hand, for day trips it is a good idea to stay in only one rock group since there are usually several kilometers between sub-areas. Luckily, every sub-area has at least one bivouac site (boofe) where you can stay overnight to enjoy many routes over a weekend.

In summary, the Wildensteiner Gebiet is a place with routes for all tastes, with hundreds of routes in each sub-area, and fantastic locations for overnight stays. What’s the excuse for not visiting it on your next trip?

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