Wehlener Gebiet

The Wehlener Gebiet covers a large area of thick forests, sweeping canyons and deep ravines.  Unlike Rathen, here the density of climbing peaks is very low, so expect longer approach walks if you’d like to change rock towers.  Not that you’ll regret walking around , since the changing scenery will always keep you interested.  Hike around and discover the narrow rocky paths of the Uttewalder Grund or follow the exposed path next to the old rock quarries that tower above the Elbe.  Similarly, the climbing in the Wehlener Gebiet is also very varied, from sustained pocket climbing to homogeneous hand-cracks.  Some peaks are surrounded by thick forest and will be humid and green throughout the year, while others are always exposed to wind and are great choices even during the winter months.  The rock quality is acceptable, although some peaks will be very sandy and have brittle structures.  As usual, proceed with care here.

Currently I have  topos for 1 peak in this area:

  1. Griesgrundwächter

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