Hohler Turm


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Area: Wildensteiner Gebiet It’s near the road but away from the crowds, small but with a great view, and relatively hidden but easy to find. It’s the Hohler Turm! Probably not in your tick-list of favorites, but it’s so close … Continue reading



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Area: Kleiner Zschand Routes: 1 Surroundings: 4 Form: 1 Approach: 1 Total: 1.75  (Ratings explained) With a long, difficult approach and short routes mostly in the shade one wonders why should one climb in the Pilzturm at all. (Because it’s … Continue reading



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Area: Kleiner Zschand Routes: 4 Surroundings: 3 Form: 3 Approach: 2 Total: 3  (Ratings explained) Deep inside the forest and concealed by trees lies the Wartburg, one of the most popular peaks in the Kleiner Zschand. Compared to its “alpine-like” … Continue reading



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Area: Rathen Routes: 2 Surroundings: 3 Form: 2 Approach: 4 Total: 2.75  (Ratings explained) Despite being small, the Gamrigscheibe is a highly frequented peak. Perhaps this is due to the nice routes on solid stone (for Rathen standards) or its … Continue reading