If other areas are nice playgrounds, Lilienstein is an amusement park.  And a big one!  Do not be fooled by its small number of peaks (only 4), because you’ll find some of the most remarkable climbs of Sächsische Schweiz here.  And almost next to each other!  Could it get any better?  Well… yes.  The black stone is very solid and almost all routes are facing south, so this is the place to go after a spell of rainy days.  During summer it’s best to come here early or you’ll find the rock boiling hot, but come winter and you’ll excel on the delicate friction slabs.  Routes here are long (for Elbsandstein standards, 20-60 m) and in a clear day offer a great view over the Saxonian plains.  If you’d like to experience safe but exposed routes, this is the place to come.  As any amusement park, expect queues for the classics.  On a crowded weekend you might find a lot of routes blocked with top-ropes…

And if the weather does not agree with your plans, take a run up the stairs to Lilienstein and spot the surrounding peaks.  From there you can reach Rathen through a scenic path across rolling hills and dense forest.

Currently I have topos for 2 peaks in this area:

  1. Lilienstein-westecke
  2. Liliensteinnadel

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