Climbing destinations

Before continuing you should first read the Disclaimer!

The density of climbing in Europe is overwhelming. From the classic sandstone towers of Sächsische Schweiz to the long granite ridges in the Swiss Alps, there are places that cater to every climbing style. I am convinced that selecting a climbing route (together with route-finding in some cases) should be and adventure on its own. However, for outsiders such as myself, it is a daunting task to gather suficient information before your first visit to a new area. How long is the approach? Are the grades stiff or soft? Why are all route descriptions in (sometimes cryptic) German!

To help you through this process I’ve started a climbing database for areas in Europe. At the moment, it is heavily focused on Sächsische Schweiz. Here you will find photographic topos with the layout of neighboring routes as well as the approximate line each route follows. I will only upload peaks that I have climbed at least once.

In all pictures I roughly draw the line the routes follow to the best of my knowledge, based on the written description or available topos. I cannot make any guarantee as to their accuracy. Use it only as an approximation!

Arrrowheads mark sections of the route that do not appear on the picture (a traverse, chimney, after and overhang…).  Route number 1 corresponds to the oldest route (AW) and increasing clock-wise.  After the pictures there will be a list with the route name and its grade in the local grading system. Routes I’ve completed will link to a “data-sheet” offering a quick review of what the route is like. Is the rock quality good? Is protection decent? When available, I will alo upload a short trip report with pictures.

Click on the blue links that will appear on each caption for an overview of each destination.

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