Located on the valleys south of the Elbe and only 30 minutes away from the central train station in Dresden, Bärensteine is one of the easiest Elbsandstein areas to reach. Moreover, the approach walk for most of the peaks is well below 30 minutes (yet if you have a car there are routes five minutes away from the parking lot!). The fact that nearly all peaks are relatively close to each other and that reaching them is easy makes it an ideal playground for short winter days or that quick session after work on weekdays.

The area con be subdivided in the Kleiner Bärensteine, where you will find many small peaks with straightforward routes that are ideal for beginners (here I learned to lead-climb) and children, and the Grosser Bärensteine, where you can find several peaks offering some recent routes in the upper end of the scale (VIII-X).  Overall, although the place is not as spectacular as other major areas, it is a good option to quickly warm up for bigger objectives during the start of the season.

Currently I have topos for 3 peaks in this area:

  1. Thürmsdorfer Stein
  2. Rhombus
  3. Bärensteinscheibe

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