Clean(ish) Slate

It is not that I forgot about the blog. In reality, it just stared awkwardly every time I opened my browser as if saying “Why you left me?“. The truth is I was mad at it. Two years ago I embarked on an ambitious project to climb full-time and, at the same time, create a better climbing database for Sächsische Schweiz. Both failed and I needed a lot of time to recover from the blows. I kept climbing, of course, but without the Sächsische spark. Slowly, I stopped regular training, planning, taking pictures and, lastly, writing. In the meantime a lot of changes happened in my life: found a new job, moved to Switzerland, finally learned some mountaineering skills, started sport-climbing (with cheat-stick and pre-clipping included) and (my guiltiest pleasure) took up video gaming.

The calmness of 2014 gave way to redefine plans and ideas. With 2015, training began again and goals started filling the calendar. However, the last piece of the puzzle, the rekindling of the blog, was still missing. To me, the crux was to answer the following: What is the place of a blog with hand-drawn topos and descriptions on a country were there are plenty of high-quality resources for finding and assessing climbing routes? Although I do not know the answer, I have a lot of fun photographing and writing about the routes I climb. That is reason enough to continue with this effort. I’ve decided to focus on area and route descriptions for outsiders like myself, both in Switzerland and abroad. The plan is to slowly start with an overhaul of the blog to include new areas, an improved rating and description system, and a new layout. I hope you continue to read el lloc during this process and, most importantly, find it a useful resource for your climbing.

Let’s get back to it!

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