Area: Affensteine

Routes: 10

Form and shape: ⭐ ⭐    Surroundings: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Although the Lorenznadel is not one of the icons of Affensteine, it is still frequently visited by climbers looking for a peaceful place with short easy-moderate routes. However, its biggest appeal is the narrow elegant needle at the top. Since this cannot be seen from the base of the tower, it is a pleasant surprise to find such a welcoming feature in the middle of all routes. This short needle alone is worth at least one visit.

Althoug the approach is long, it pays off once you find yourself in the middle of a lush, quiet forest. And once you feel the smooth rock, you will be eager to start climbing. Thanks to its excellent, solid quality, you can focus only on finding the next good placement. Probably, your main concern could be quickly running out of routes. Do not worry! You’ll find plenty of excellent opportunities in the nearby Lorenzwand and Lorenzriff.

If you’re on the area for only a short visit, the Lorenznadel should probably not be on your tick-list. However, if you have more time to discover the secrets of Affensteine, this small hidden gem with its moderate routes will not let you down.

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(click on the links below to go to the available route description and/or pictures)

# Name Grade # Name Grade
1 Alter Weg IV RP VI 7 Talweg VIIc
2 Südkante V 8 Logischer Weg VIIa
3 Südwestseite VI 9 Flachköper VIIIb
4 Direkte Südwestseite VI 10 Kernzone VIIb RP VIIc
5 Südwestwinkel VIIb 11 Vorgipfelreibung VI
6 Westweg V  

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