Area: Rauenstein

R: 4 S: 3 F: 3 A: 4 Total: 3.5  (Ratings explained)

The queen of Rauenstein!  This is a beautiful free-standing tower with a great view from the top. The rock quality is amazing, so all the routes I’ve done here are highly recommendable.  The walk from the train station is only 20 minutes long.  The south and east faces are excellent choices for winter or bad-weather days.  Their exposure to wind and sun will dry out the rock extremely fast.  What more can you ask for?  Of course, go there on a sunny weekend and it will be crowded and you might have to queue for the classics.

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(click on the links below to go to the available route description and/or pictures)

1. Alter Weg, II 2. Variante, III 3. SO-Weg, VIIa
4. Variante, VIIb 4a. Lymantria monacha, VIIc (?) 5. Flaschenzug, VIIb
6. SW-Wand, VI 7. Quervariante, V 8. Rechte Westwand, VIIIa
9. Westwand, VIIa 10. Westwand direct, VIIb 11. Westweg, VI
12. Neue W-wand, VIIc (VIIIa) RP VIIIb 13. Totes Leben, VIIIa RP VIIIb 14. NO-Wand, VIIc (VIIIa) RP VIIIb
14a. Direkte NO-Wand, VIIIa RP VIIIb 15. Ohne Ende, IXa RP IXb 16. Fettes Ende, Xa
17. Herbstkante, VIIa 18. Variante, VIIa 19. Letztes Problem, VIIc
20. Märzweg, IV

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